Our CPI (Certified Pool Inspector) certified pool inspection service assures your pool is sanitary, healthy, and a safe environment to swim in.

This service is extremely helpful and needed for new home buyers with pools and first-time pool buyers who need an expert to verify the current condition of your pool surroundings, its equipment, and its operational components. Based on the inspection, the best course of action is recommended to the pool owner to maximize their investment and allow them to enjoy their pool for a long time.

Our pool technicians perform visual and functional/non-functional inspections.

The inspection services will include a full inspection of:

At the end of our inspection, our pool technicians will provide a report with status (good, average, poor) and pictures.

We do not inspect:

  • Electrical components
  • Structural components
  • Pressure testing

Based on the inspection, if we recognize a need for specialized testing, then we will make the appropriate recommendations to the pool owner. If you need your Orange or Seminole County pool inspected, be sure to contact Spic n Span Pools today!